Where the Hell is Matt and What the Hell is Remediation?

It was great having Matt Harding from Where the Hell is Matt? come in and talk with the class. It was really interesting to hear all the thought and planning he puts into his videos and I was really struck by how they have progressed over the years. The snippet from his latest venture shows, I think, how the character of Matt has developed and grown from his adventures dancing around the world. He has a real opportunity to make a connection with his many viewers on a new level.

From the lecture I found the concept of remediation intriguing. As new media takes the place of old ones, how the story is told has to change or improve in order to meet the capabilities of the medium. Audiences won’t sit still for “illustrated radio” on their new high definition TV. Since new mediums are trying to improve upon something missing from a prior media, the approach to telling the story also has to change to meet the expectations of the audience.

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