The Digital Evolution of a Ski Bum

I grew up in a small town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where skiing is King and a foot of fresh powder is as good a reason to skip school or work as any. I developed a passion skiing which led me to work, play and compete on the slopes at every opportunity. When I couldn’t be on the mountain skiing, I was reading about it, watching it on television or going to see films about it.

In high school I saw my first Warren Miller film. It was incredible. It was so inspiring to see amazing skiers perform impossible feats on terrain so ruggedly beautiful. I wanted to be one of them. Warren Miller had the ability to tell a compelling story about a sport very few people truly understood through stunning cinematography, clever writing and careful editing. He began by shooting on the slopes of Sun Valley, Idaho with an 8mm camera and showing his films to family and friends. Now, Warren Miller Entertainment produces feature length films in HD that are distributed worldwide over multiple types of media. Just as skiing and ski equipment have evolved over the years, so too have the ways in which the sport is recorded and distributed.

Today my passion is for digital media; particularly content creation for the web and video production and distribution. It would be an absolute dream of mine to be able to create online content for and about the sport I love. Through the MCDM class Evolutions and Trends, I hope to further my understanding of where technologies for video and the web are headed and apply that knowledge in a meaningful and productive way.

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