The Evolution of Broadcast Graphics

Thesis Statement:
Graphic design has long been a part of the television landscape. Over the years it has evolved dramatically from static, two-dimensional characters and images to dynamic, three-dimensional animations that dominate many broadcasts. The addition of graphical elements to broadcast television has not only added to the enjoyment viewers get while watching their favorite shows, but has enhanced the way news, sports and educational programming relay information and statistics to their perspective audiences.

Statement of Intent:
This paper will examine the history of broadcast graphics and the advancements in technology that have led to the current quality and sophistication modern viewers have come to expect from television programming. It will also look ahead and study the seemingly endless possibilities that lie ahead for future broadcast graphic design. By doing so, I hope to uncover the effectiveness advances in broadcast graphics have brought to the viewers’ increased understanding of informational programming such as weather forecasts, sports statistics and news coverage.


Bech, J., Lorente, J., Molina, T. and Vilaclara, E. (2010, June) Improving TV weather broadcasts with technological advancements: two cases from a 20 year perspective. Meteorological Applications (Vol. 17. Issue 2).

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