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Mass Media: Political watch dog or corporate stooge?

Over the years the press has always stood behind the concept that the public deserves to know the truth about what goes on in the political process. Truth about the issues and about those who represent them. Journalists have taken oaths to uncover the truth no matter how deep they have to dig and who they have to discredit in order to find it. But how sure can the general public be about the objectivity of said journalists when their employers are corporate giants who have millions of dollars invested in the commercial and political arena? Read the rest of this entry »

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Review: The Victorian Internet – SMS for the Nineteenth Century

The Victorian Internet: The Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century's On-line PioneersHave you ever seen a teenager furiously tapping away with his thumbs at the keys of his phone? Have you ever admired or even envied the dexterity and skill with which he manipulates the device to push out message after message to his friends describing his whereabouts and eating habits? Or been confused and fascinated by the seemingly complex cryptography he uses to encode such information? Okay, me neither, but there was a time when operators of similar devices were not only held in high regard, but were paid handsomely to perform such duties. Telegraph operators, according to Tom Standage in his book The Victorian Internet: The remarkable story of the telegraph and the Nineteenth Century’s On-line Pioneers, were the nineteenth century’s version of on-line communicators using a vast network and sophisticated language to relay information instantly over long distances.¬† Read the rest of this entry »

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The Evolution of Broadcast Graphics

Thesis Statement:
Graphic design has long been a part of the television landscape. Over the years it has evolved dramatically from static, two-dimensional characters and images to dynamic, three-dimensional animations that dominate many broadcasts. The addition of graphical elements to broadcast television has not only added to the enjoyment viewers get while watching their favorite shows, but has enhanced the way news, sports and educational programming relay information and statistics to their perspective audiences. Read the rest of this entry »

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Overshot or Undershot: Where Do I Fit As A Consumer?

Technology products, particularly in the realm of computers, computer software and electronics are constantly changing, consistently improving and arguably becoming essential components in the everyday lives of potential customers who may or may not have the means to acquire them. Companies that manufacture and distribute these products are constantly pushing the innovative envelope when it comes to providing “new and improved” versions of existing technologies or avant-garde products that turn the consumer electronics market upside down. But when, if ever, do these innovations surpass the needs and desires of those who consume these products? Read the rest of this entry »

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Preliminary Term Project Thoughts

Choosing a topic for a class project is always the most difficult part of the process for me. A blank slate is almost foreboding in that a poorly chosen topic can result in a poorly presented project. That being said, once chosen, the research of said topic usually takes me on an interesting, unpredictable journey that results in not only a successful project, but an amazing learning experience as well (which of course is the whole point of a school project).

I know that I want to focus on film and video; the history of it, how it has evolved and where it’s going; but I also want to focus on a specific industry. Naturally, I am drawn to the ski and snowboard industry and I think it could make for an interesting presentation. I also wonder about broadening my scope and focusing on outdoor sports as a whole.

Initially, I will research successful outdoor sports filmmakers such as Warren Miller and Teton Gravity Research. Warren Miller is an icon in the action sport filming industry and has directed and produced over 750 sports films and over 50 of which are feature length. Teton Gravity Research, an extreme sports film production company has produced 28 feature length films, numerous television series and short films that are distributed over the web. By researching these filmakers and other like them I hope to gain insight into how the action sports industry as evolved over the years, where it is heading in the future and what influence advances in technology will have over production and distribution.

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The Digital Evolution of a Ski Bum

I grew up in a small town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where skiing is King and a foot of fresh powder is as good a reason to skip school or work as any. I developed a passion skiing which led me to work, play and compete on the slopes at every opportunity. When I couldn’t be on the mountain skiing, I was reading about it, watching it on television or going to see films about it.

In high school I saw my first Warren Miller film. It was incredible. It was so inspiring to see amazing skiers perform impossible feats on terrain so ruggedly beautiful. I wanted to be one of them. Warren Miller had the ability to tell a compelling story about a sport very few people truly understood through stunning cinematography, clever writing and careful editing. He began by shooting on the slopes of Sun Valley, Idaho with an 8mm camera and showing his films to family and friends. Now, Warren Miller Entertainment produces feature length films in HD that are distributed worldwide over multiple types of media. Just as skiing and ski equipment have evolved over the years, so too have the ways in which the sport is recorded and distributed.

Today my passion is for digital media; particularly content creation for the web and video production and distribution. It would be an absolute dream of mine to be able to create online content for and about the sport I love. Through the MCDM class Evolutions and Trends, I hope to further my understanding of where technologies for video and the web are headed and apply that knowledge in a meaningful and productive way.